Why should I choose Kinetic Physical Therapy Institute?

Our company is an independent, therapist-owned and operated company. Our physical therapists have all completed the extensive training process and are certified in postural restoration. We were the first PRI certified clinic in the state of Minnesota which means we have more experience than any other clinic in the state. The certification goes way beyond the standard scope of physical therapy. The training involves post graduate course work, clinical training and demonstrated proficiency in this multi-faceted approach. Our emphasis is on direct patient-therapist care with a manual approach to treatment, incorporated with exercise and activity for self-management of care.

Do I need a physician referral to be treated in the clinic?

Self-referrals are accepted, though by law, treatment beyond ninety days will require a physician referral. However, your insurance may require a referral to cover your physical therapy care, it is recommended that you call your insurance provider to receive specific information regarding need for a physician referral, as well as your physical therapy benefits.

Are you in my insurance network?

We are providers for  most major health plans. We request that patients contact their insurance carrier to verify coverage

What should I expect for my initial visit?

An evaluation will be performed by the physical therapist followed by treatment and discussion of the rehabilitation plan. Please bring comfortable clothing to move around in, and shoes that would be appropriate for walking or exercise. Please see our  link to Appointments for further details.

Do I have a choice who I see for Physical Therapy?

Yes you do! Once you have a doctor’s prescription to receive physical therapy you may receive that therapy from whomever you choose. Of course you should take into account your doctors recommendations, but if you would feel more comfortable being treated by Physical Therapists you select you are free to do so.

Why are your treatment sessions 1 hour long?

There are several reasons. One of the reasons we started the Kinetic Institute is that we felt that proper implementation of PRI techniques required more than the half hour sessions most clinics offer. Longer treatment sessions means a reduced number of visits saving our patients time. It also means fewer co-pays which saves our patients money.

Whom should I contact if I have questions regarding my bill?

Please call Sonja at 651-730-7771