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We believe that treatment of the patient involves a close working relationship with your health care providers.

At Kinetic Physical Therapy Institute we recognize there are multiple factors that contribute to a person’s optimal health and wellness.  Along with collaborating with your current healthcare providers, it may become necessary to involve other facets of care. Thus, we have organized a network of healthcare professionals that can be vital to the successful long-term outcomes of our patients.

Each of these professionals has specialized training in the different systems the body uses to regulate the symmetry and quality of functional movement.  If any of these systems become imbalanced or asymmetrical, the long-term success of the treatment program can be compromised.

Dr Micheal Hoefs – (402) 477-5962
Dr. James Andrea, Vadnais Heights Family Dentistry, 651-482-0180

Dr. Trent Cole, Eyecare Specialties of MN, 651-738-8040
Dr. Jessica Schara, Open Cities Health Center, 651-290-9201

Massage Therapists
Gigi Decker – (651) 983-6954

PRI Orthotics
Dr. Paul Coffin, Paul Coffin DPM, 402-412-3338

Personal Trainer
Brent Albrecht, PRC (call or text) 763-257-5391

Shoe Stores
Run ‘n Fun
Schuler Shoes